We are sent by God on a divine assignment to Educate, feed, and shelter Orphans, destitute children, sensitize and mobilize the community people to fight for children's survival, and assist jobless widows in training them and caring for their children. Partner with us to make these lofty heights attainable

Challenges involved.

It is very vital to know that the three bedroom flat we presently occupy does not belong to us. We pay an annual rent of NGN100,000:00 which sometimes is very difficult to raise. You will agree with me that it is difficult running such kind of project in a three (3) bed-rooms flat i.e Orphan, Old people, Widows and HIV/AIDS Orphan's projects. However we still managing pending on when we have a better accommodation. We need an assistance from individuals, Banks, Churches and Corporate bodies to enable us buy properties to effective place these children very well.


Our activities are targeted towards children below 18years of age but in some cases contract adults such as widows, Pastors, Volunteers in order to in-directly reach and minister to these Children.

Listed below are our activities:

  • Campaign against form of child abuse, such as child labour, early childhood marriage. Pro-life(abortion) baby girl genital mutilation, sexual exploitation, trafficking and street begging.
  • Provision of shelter , food education, medical services and cares.
  • Drugs and substance abuse counseling
  • Child's advocacy and old people rehabilitation
  • Intending wedding couples counseling and resolving of marriage crises.
  • Campaign awareness and mobilization to fight HIV/AIDS
  • Voluntary counseling and referrals
  • Psychosocial Counseling and support
  • Spiritual Counseling and support
  • Home base care.
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