Green Pasture Orphanage Home (G.P.O.H) was conceived on the 15th of March 2001 in the heart of its founders, Mr. & Mrs. Williams. The home began by picking up vulnerable children who were either abandoned or orphaned. Over the years, the number of children in the home has increased considerably.

In 2006, we started a project to accommodate and help teenage pregnancy cases as we saw the plight of teenagers being put in the family way by  young men who have no capacity to get married to them. The motivation behind this work was to ensure that these teenagers avoid the temptation of abandoning these little children by the roadsides, bush paths, and gutters.

The Home is registered in Nigeria as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) by the name, GREEN PASTURE & HOME INITIATIVE.

From the inception of the home, over one hundred children had passed through it while a number of them have been reconciled back to their relatives. At the moment, it is a home to over 40 children.

Our desire is to provide shelter, love, education, food, and a fulfilled life with bright future for every child who passes through our home.

Our major source of funding is donations from the public (Individuals, groups, and corporate organisation).



The day to day running of the Home is carried on by Chaplain Comfort O. Williams. She is also a member of the House Committee that servers like a working team for Green Pasture & Home Initiative.

The Highest decision making body of the home is the Board of Trustees which comprises of a team of respected and distinquished Nigerians with a passion for children in their hearts.

An advisory body is also in place made up od Fathers in the home who are reputable in every respect and their positions in society spans a broad spectrum.

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