Green Pasture Home Initiative, GPHI.

 Tsponsor childhe best way to give is to sponsor a child. 100% of your sponsorship will go towards the care of children. You can sponsor from only N10, 000 a month. Regular sponsorship money is essential for the long-term commitment we make to the children in our care. Many of our supporters choose to sponsor a child, while others prefer to support an entire home by sponsoring a Green Pasture Children's Home.

When we take a child into our care, they become part of a GPHI family – a group of children cared for by a GPHI mother. These families live together in a Home known as a GPHI Children's Home

With your N10, 000 a month, you can help give the world's most vulnerable children a safe and happy place to grow up.



Why sponsor a Children's Home?

  • 100% of the money you donate will go towards the care of children
  • You will help provide long-term care – a mother and a loving home, education, healthcare, and support up to independence
  • You will help raise children within their own culture and religious background
  • You will get a welcome pack, as well as photos and updates so you can stay up-to-date with day to day life of the children
  • You can pay small gift amounts into a savings account for special occasions such as birthdays


 Account Name:   Green Pasture and Home Initiative

 Account Numbers:  

 UBA - 1014867746

 Zenith Bank Plc. -   1012373472

 Access bank Plc.-

  • USD A/C: 0016039711
  • GBP A/C: 0016040258 (Domiciliary Account)
  • A/C: 0037524083 (Nigeria Account)


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