Green Pasture Home Initiative, GPHI.

Green Pasturre and Home Initiative (GPHI) started in 2001 when the visionary (Chaplain Comfort O. Williams) and her husband (Late Eldred Olukotun Williams) came together shouldered the responsibility of impacting the lives of the orphans and vulnerable Children. Since then, over 20,000 individuals and their families have benefited through the programs of GPHI.

Currently, GPHI implements programmes to transform the lives of Orphans and Vulnerable Children and families especially those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS virus across Fagge Local Government of Kano State, Nigeria.

GPHI advocates the participation of the communities in the process of this transformation. Across GPHI’s programmes - gender is the common thread, children the heart and girls the core.

Interventions of GPHI have planned on five strategic areas:

  1. Community Mobilization.
  2. Building capacities of community members and community social workers/ volunteers on child protection.
  3. Developing linkages with Government officials and other relevant institution / agency.
  4. Bringing various stakeholders on to a common platform through creating space for wider discussions.
  5. Providing a befitting education for Vulnerable Children.
  6. Networking and Advocacy.

These strategies have been adopted with a core objective of ensuring active participation of all stakeholders in view of protecting the best interests of the children through effective implementation of children programs and policies.

As a small group of individuals, GPHI grown up became an information Centre on children issues at both state and national level, and has been disseminating it to various stakeholders in the society

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